So you started a business.  You had a dream of being your own boss, having the freedom to work from anywhere whenever you liked.  You fantasised about all the extra time you’d have when you quit your 9-5 soul crushing job.  You’re crazy passionate about what you do and you have tonnes of ambition, but the reality doesn’t quite match up to the dream right now, and you’re considering going back to work and just writing yourself off as not cut out for business.

In reality, you find it hard to focus when you’re working from home.  There’s always one more load of laundry to do or some other job that someone else wants you to do. The day just seems to disappear and you never seem to get anything of any substance done.  You feel like you’re permanently attached to your computer, you’re working really hard all the time, but why isn’t business moving forward?  Where does all your time go?  How does everyone else manage it?

You’re caught in a whirlwind of having to do all the things.  Email Lists, Social Media, Webistes, Networking, Customer Service and the list goes on.  Not to mention all the chores, kid stuff and aren’t you meant to have some time for yourself??


You feel totally overwhelmed by all the things you have to do, and you just have no idea where to start.  You can see all the puzzle pieces but you have no idea how to put them together.

That’s where a coach like me comes in.

Sometimes you just need a friendly face to point you in the right direction.  To show you the first step to finding more time, more balance and more calm in your business.

My philosophy is always to start where you are.  What are you currently dealing with, and how can we systemise and automate that to make your life a whole lot better.  We’ll look at how you’re using your time, and we’ll work together to find the best way for you to become a time management ninja, get all the things done and still have some time to relax without feeling guilty.

I promise you don’t have to work every hour of the day.  I promise you can get out of overwhelm and stop putting out fires every day so you can get to the important stuff that you know will move your business forward.

The stuff that makes you feel accomplished for the day.  The stuff that adds value to your clients and makes them love you so much, they send all their friends your way.

All this, and you’ll have a clear head, time to read a book, take a bubble bath or *gasp* even take a day off without the business blowing up.

I promise it is possible.

At the moment everything feels like it’s the top priority, so your spinning in circles no knowing where to start.  Coaching helps you to prioritise the important things for YOUR business, and help you decide what can be ignored, delegated, or left for another day.  There are things you’re doing or worrying about that can be thrown in the trash and we’ll come up with new strategies you haven’t even thought about.

We’ll get your time back, create that freedom and give you everything you ever dreamed of in your business without having to kill yourself for it.

As with any big goal, having accountability, and some tough love and a kick up the bum is really helpful.  I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, your accountability buddy and when you need it, I’ll call you out on the lies you are telling yourself.

What’s Included?

With your coaching package you’ll get:

6 x 45minute coaching sessions.  Each Session 2 weeks apart.  This gives you time to implement everything we talk about, work through your blocks and gives you optimal time to really succeed.  In each coaching session, we’ll talk time-management and productivity, Business Strategy and Mindset to ensure you get the most not only out of our sessions but also out of your business.

6 x Weekly Check In.  The weekly check-in is your accountability call.  It’s an email conversation that asks how you’re going with your actions for the fortnight.  It’s a reminder to keep moving forward and an opportunity to discuss things that aren’t quite working for you.

Unlimited Office Hours Help Desk. As you are working on your business, things will come up, questions you need to ask to follow up on our conversation.  Perhaps you have some tech query, or when it came down to doing the work, you needed a little extra clarity.  My office hours calls are here to help.  Simply send me a message, and I’ll get back to you.  We can even hop on a call if it really requires it.

Accountability and Mastermind Group.  Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey.  Your friends and family think you’re bananas and aren’t quite sure why you don’t just go back to work.  It really helps to be surrounded by people who get it.  People who can cheer you on, pick you up when your down and keep you on track.  You’ll make connections and hopefully be able to help each other out on your business journey.

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