Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Kind

My philosophy has always been that we can do anything we want in life, and I believe that there are 4 areas, or pillars, that keep us feeling fulfilled.  This has become a kind of mantra for me to ensure I keep each part of my life topped up.  Happy, Healthy, Wealthy & Kind.
Happy – For me this encompasses all that I do in my spare time. Am I making time for the things and the people that are important to me.  Do I spend my time scrolling though social media, or making deep connections with the people I love.  Am I spending time doing things that make me feel happy and keep me learning, and do I make time for me.  It’s also a reminder to check in with my mental health, have I over scheduled (or under scheduled) my time.  Do I need to take a step back and relax or do I need to get off the couch, take a shower and get moving.
Healthy is everything to do with my physical health.  Exercise and moving my body regularly, eating well, stretching and getting plenty of water.  It also means seeing a doctor when required, making sure any niggly aches and pains don’t turn into full blown injuries, and looking after my body.
Wealthy is less about money and more about gratitude.  I believe that being rich, means so much more than having a large bank account.  Open your eyes and SEE the good you have in your daily life.  A job to go to, a roof over your head, an internet connection and friends and family nearby.  I also believe in being a good steward of your money by getting out of debt and learning to live within your means.  Lastly, wealthy means to live with purpose.  To work, or volunteer, or contribute in a way that is meaningful to you and your beliefs.  We may not all be able to have the job of our dreams, but we can ALL live with purpose.  We can choose what we participate in, we can all choose HOW we approach our lives.
The last one for me is to be kind.  Be kind to the people around you.   Stand up for those who are bullied. Get involved with causes you believe in.  Be kind to the planet.  Give your time, your energy and your resources when and where you can.  Just be Kind.
I truly believe that if you continue to work in these 4 areas, you’ll have a happy and fulfilled life.  Not every area will be 100% all the time.  You’ll have ups and downs and ebbs and flows.  While one area thrives, another may take a back seat for a while, and there are always circumstances that are out of our control, but with the mantra of Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Kind, I know that am making choices that are enriching my life, whatever trials we may be facing at the time. 
Take Action – Score yourself out of 10 in each of these areas.  Are there any areas that need a little love and attention?  Think about why you gave yourself a lower score here, and brainstorm some simple ways you could bring that score up a little – it doesn’t always have to be a big action to make a difference, small steps lead to giant wins!
What do you think of my mantra happy, healthy, wealthy & kind?  Do you agree or did I miss something?  Hit reply and let me know!