Productivity means actually getting stuff done.  If you’re spending all day checking your email, facebook comments and replying to messages, you’re never going to get any of the important work done.

Watch this video to find out why you should turn off ALL the notifications on your phone.


How can you concentrate when you’re phone is binging all the time.  Many people ask me how to be more productive, how can to get more done and how to focus on the important tasks.  Well this one simple thing can make all the difference.


You might feel like people will be expecting you to reply to messages instantly.  That you will lose clients if you aren’t replying to comments and emails immediately, but think about what your expectations of people and businesses are.  Do you expect a reply to an email instantly?  When you write a comment on a facebook page, does it matter to you if they reply later in the day?  We are conditioned to think we have to reply straight away, but we never expect that of other people.  We understand that they have other things going on and that they aren’t attached to their phone 24/7.  If that’s the case, then why should you be?

Of course I’m not telling you to ignore these things entirely.  To be productive and successful you should allocate times to check your notifications.  Log on with the specific intent to process emails, reply to comments or messages, you could even schedule time to return phone calls.

It’s very rare that you will get a phone call that needs action immediately.  Most things (other than genuine emergencies) can wait an hour or two.  Put your phone on do not disturb, and focus on the important work that will move your business forward.  You can even set it up so emergency calls from family still get through!

Set boundaries and expectations with your clients, suppliers and your friends and family.  You don’t answer straight away, but you will get back to them as soon as you can.  They’ll think you’re doing important business lady stuff (which you are) and leave you to it.

A friend of mine once said, I have a mobile phone so I can be connected on my terms, not on anyone else’s.  What are your terms for being connected and being productive?


Are you ready to turn off your notifications?


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