The Importance of Scheduling

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Hi everyone and welcome to 2015!  I’m so excited to be back after a couple of weeks of being unplugged.   In today’s video I give you my top tips for scheduling your exercise and why it’s the key to your success.   Watch it here:   Having a plan makes a huge difference to…

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What’s your superpower?


We all have things we’re good at, things we’re okay at and things we’re not good at. I think often we get upset by the things that we aren’t good at because we want to be great at everything, and if we find things we aren’t great at we feel like we’ve failed. As I…

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Feel the fear


Happy Monday Folks!  how was your weekend? We had a lovely weekend hanging out with friends at Kondalilla falls, near Maleny.  It is a beautiful spot with a waterfall and a pool where lots of people swim, a gorgeous walk through the rainforest and space for a picnic. Now, I don’t know if I’ve ever…

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10 ways to take care of yourself in 10 minutes or less


This week i’ve been thinking a lot about self care and the busy woman.  We often feel like we don’t have time for long bubble baths, reading novels or relaxation. 1.  Take a short walk around the block.  Leave the phone at home. 2. Phone a friend or loved one 3. Stretch 4. Sit quietly…

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Making changes… it’s hard


I’ve been thinking a lot about how we deal with change in our lives.  As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to include more self-care in my weekly routine, but making that change is difficult. What is it about change that is so scary, so difficult and makes us just revert back to our old habits?…

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Taking my own advice


This past year has been tough.  There has been so much going on in my business and my personal life.  In so many ways its been amazing, but it hasn’t been easy. I’ve worked harder this year than I think i’ve ever worked in my life, trying to balance my offline business with my online…

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How habit can help you achieve any goal


Any goal can be broken down into a series of actions that need to be taken.  In many cases these actions need to be repeated regularly in order to make that goal happen.  Whether its healthy living, running a marathon or starting that business you’ve been thinking about, it all comes down to habits. We…

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Change comes from you

There are many situations in this world that we wish were different.  Whether thats a situation at work, at home or further afield, we are often frustrated by our lack of power to change things.   We must start by changing ourselves.  If we lead by example, we have incredible power to inspire others to…

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Get an Accountability Partner

  I want you to get yourself an accountability partner.  someone you can check in with when you’ve done your workout, someone who can talk you out of eating that huge block of chocolate, someone you can trust to keep you on track.     It’s important for your accountability partner to be someone with…

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Real Food Real Fast with Nicole Dennis

Today I’m interviewing my friend Nicole Dennis, a foodie who loves cooking with real food.  Her recipes are delicious and easy to follow.  Nicole’s love of good food makes healthy eating really achievable.  In today’s video we’re talking about how you can get started in making real food recipes and take those all important steps…

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